University of Missouri Health Care is recruiting patients, family members, friends as well as MU Health Care physicians and staff to participate on the Patient and Family Advisory Council. The mission/vision of the Council is “Patients and families partnering with staff to advise and promote patient- and family-centered care.”

While you do not need any specific experience or background to serve on this Council, you should have the following qualities:

  • A positive approach and ability to share and see different points of view
  • Good listening skills
  • Enthusiasm about MU Health Care's mission of excellent patient care, education and patient advocacy
  • Ability to share both positive and negative experiences in a constructive way
  • Willingness to communicate constructively and work with patients, families, friends and staff whose backgrounds, experiences and styles may be different than your own

Your participation in this Council is crucial to the success of MU Health Care. The Council is interested in recruiting members with a wide variety of hospital and clinic experiences.


We are currently forming a Teen Advisory Board for past patients, current patients, sibling of patients or any other teens interested in learning more about health care. 

For more information or to learn how you can join the
Patient and Family Advisory Council or the Teen Advisory Board,
please contact:

Laura Gajda

University of Missouri Health Care
One Hospital Drive, DC066.00
Columbia, MO 65212
(573) 882-4806